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What is a Suspended License?

When someone has their driver’s license suspended they can no longer drive. This is a temporary suspension and your license can be reinstated.

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How Do You Lose Your Driving Privileges?

Your license will be suspended if you break certain laws in the California area.

There are only two bodies that can take away your license in this state:

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the court both have the authority to suspend your license. The reasons for this can vary from too many speeding tickets to DUI violations.

Additionally, if you don’t pay child support you risk having your driver’s license suspended.


How to Get Your California License Back

To get your California driver license back, contact us at (818) 213-5130 so we can tell you how to get your driver license reinstatement.

You’ll have to go through a few steps, but these steps are based on the reason your license was suspended to start with.

We don’t recommend you go through these steps yourself. Get in touch with our law firm and we’ll be able to guide you through the process. That way you’ll have the best chance of getting your license back.


What are the Requirements of Getting Your License Back?

The most common requirements for getting your license back may include:

  • Finishing a period of suspension
  • Paying a court fine
  • Joining a DUI treatment session


Sometimes a requirement can even involve prison time. Only in the most extreme cases will you have to go to prison before you get your license back.


The Monetary Consequences of Suspended License

Take note that you will have some financial obligations beyond fines. The cost of getting your license back is a minimum of $55 for administrative costs, at the time of this writing.

But you do have to keep in mind that there are other charges involved, based on the punishment. That could involve a $15 fee for any court restriction or an additional $24 if you were suspended due to drug use.


How Long are Suspensions in California?

California suspensions vary. The standard suspension period is typically 30 days if you’ve had your license suspended for the first time.

But if you refuse to take a chemical test for a DUI, your license could be suspended for an entire year. For gaining too many points on your license, you may be on probation for a year and get a six-month suspension.

It really does depend on what you did to receive a suspension.


Suspended License & Traffic School

In California, you can go to traffic school and negate the chances of getting a suspension.

Sometimes this is the advice lawyers give. If a court agrees, the driver can complete traffic school and avoid a suspension. It can even be used to remove points from your license.

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How to Save Your Driver License

Traffic law in California can quickly get complicated.

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