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California Failure To Appear (FTA) Traffic Violations

What Is A Failure To Appear (FTA) Warrant?

It all begins with receiving a traffic ticket and signing along the dotted line. Signing a ticket does not imply guilt though. Instead, this is a legally binding agreement for the driver to show up on their appointed court date whether they are going to plead guilty, pay the fine, or fight the ticket.

If a driver forgets to show up, or simply disregards their court date, they will receive a warrant for failure to appear. If not taken care of quickly by a lawyer, this warrant could become a major issue for the driver.

Failure to appear in court in California results in both a bench warrant and a license hold/suspension, which means that a driver can be taken into custody at any time or given a ticket while driving with the FTA license hold/suspension. Whether the driver has committed any other crimes or not, the next time that their name is searched by a law enforcement officer they may be placed in jail.

Do Failure To Appear (FTA) Warrants Follow Me If I Move Out Of California?

An FTA warrant placed in California cannot be bypassed if a driver moves away. Unlike many traffic charges which can be taken care of within the DMV, the driver must navigate the complex legal system in order to clear their name of any traffic violation. It is important to fight these charges immediately as they will proceed onto your driving record and onto your criminal record. Yet even after the charge has been taken care of, without the proper legal defense it could remain on your record for years on end. Future employment, loans, and other applications may instantly be denied with this criminal charge on your record. Our dedicated group of attorneys are the perfect solution to this problem. For those that chose to ignore their failure to appear warrant or are unsure of what steps to take, the end result could be awful. In order to keep your driving and criminal record clear, if you are in threat of this charge you should act today.

You May Have A Failure To Appear (FTA) Warrant In Your Name If You:

  • Received a ticket from a Police Officer
  • Signed your ticket promising to appear to court
  • Missed the court date you promised to appear
  • Received a letter from the DMV saying your license is suspended. 
  • If this seems familiar contact us now!

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