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Do I Need an Attorney for Failure to Appear?

A failure to appear on your record is a serious charge.

It’s a criminal offense that results in a huge fine and the suspension of your license. The only way to get away from this is to employ a skilled attorney.

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Is there a Legal Requirement to Have a Lawyer on Your Side?

So, what is a failure to appear in practice? The failure to appear, which is known as a VC40508 (A), doesn’t require you to hire an attorney to address it. It’s perfectly possible to go through the process by yourself.

But that doesn’t mean you should…

Without legal training, you’re unlikely to get a better outcome than if you had hired an attorney to take care of matters.


How an Attorney Makes Court Easy

You will need to attend court a minimum of three times to deal with a failure to appear. Court can be a confusing and frustrating place.

An attorney is aware of the languages and customs of the court setting. They’ll make the experience much more comfortable for you.

We would recommend hiring an attorney purely so they can take the weight from your shoulders.


How an Attorney Can Have Your Failure to Appear Removed

The big benefit of an attorney is they can have the failure to appear removed, or at least get a reduction in the fine. A suspension of your license and a major fine are the consequences of a failure to appear.

It’s common for a skilled attorney to be able to have the charge removed.

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How an Attorney Can Take Advantage of a Trial

You may find that it’s beneficial for you to take advantage of a trial. An attorney is necessary for you to maximize the benefits of a trial.

The purpose of a trial, in the case of a failure to appear, is to force the case to be dismissed. An attorney will recommend this because the outcome is the same, whether you don’t go to trial or whether the trial goes against you.

The idea is to force a trial and hope the officer doesn’t appear. In that situation, the attorney can petition to have the case against you dismissed.


Does an Attorney Need to be Expensive?

Hiring an attorney to help you with your failure to appear doesn’t need to be expensive.

The fact of the matter is that the fines from a failure to appear can be so huge that hiring a professional is a great investment.

Plus, if you hire the right law firm you’ll already know to what extent they can help you.


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