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What to Do after Getting a Speeding Ticket?

The moments after you get a speeding ticket issued are crucial. You may be upset at the officer and yourself over what happened. But you need to address it in the right way.

There are avenues for preventing points being added to your license. An attorney can help you out if they believe you have a case.

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During the Stop

As the officer is giving you a ticket you’re likely feeling extremely negative about the whole situation. Never say anything negative to the officer. This can come back to bite you in court.

It’s much harder to convince a judge to dismiss a case if they see you were insulting towards the officer.


Get in Touch with an Attorney

It’s important to contact a professional traffic ticket attorney in California to help you fight your ticket. Don’t wait for the court’s courtesy notice in the mail.

The time to act is now.

They will be able to tell you about the consequences you’re facing, such as whether your license could be suspended. They’ll also be able to tell you what your options are.

For example, if you were cited for a moving violation in California you may have the option of going to traffic school and not receiving a fine or any points at all.

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Can an Attorney Get Your Speeding Ticket Removed?

It depends on your situation. Understand that in California most speeding tickets can be dealt with through the mail without the need to attend court.

There are a few situations where attorneys can have your speeding ticket removed.

For example, if they can prove that the speeding ticket was issued incorrectly or a mistake was made when pulling you over, that would be grounds to have the case dismissed.

Furthermore, if they decide to fight the case and the issuing officer is required to attend you can win just by the officer not showing up. Believe it or not, this is a common scenario.

But keep in mind that you would have to attend court in such a situation.


Is a Speeding Ticket Worth Fighting?

You may think that paying a speeding ticket is just a minor inconvenience. It’s not. That speeding ticket could eventually lead to the loss of your license.

Imagine if you received four moving violations within a year. That’s enough to get your license suspended in California. Think about if you contested just one of them and had it thrown out. It’s the difference between driving to work and taking the bus.

It’s always worth contesting a speeding ticket. Traffic ticket attorneys are extremely effective at fighting these tickets and having them rescinded.

And take into account the fact that points are sometimes mistakenly placed on a license. Mistakes happen and an attorney can make sure these mistakes are rectified.

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