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Spotlight: Red Light Camera Tickets



In case you were wondering, “Are red light camera tickets even legal?” The answer can be found in the California Vehicle Code 21455.5 covering Offenses Relating to Traffic Devices, which states:

“The limit line, the intersection, or a place designated in Section 21455, where a driver is required to stop, may be equipped with an automated traffic enforcement system.”



  • Fines
  • Increase in Insurance Rates
  • Points on Driver’s License
  • Possible Suspension and Loss of License


Base Fines

Fines are based on various red light violations.

  • Making an illegal right turn at a red light = $35; becomes $100 – $250 with surcharges / added fees.
  • Driving right through a red light without stopping = $35; becomes $100 – $250 with surcharges / added fees.
  • Driving right through a solid or flashing red light = $100; becomes $200 – $500 with sur-charges / added fees.

Most red light citations equate to one point on your driver’s record, whereas, in some instances running a red light is considered reckless driving and that could increase the points. The more points a driver accumulates, the more one runs the risk of suspension of their license. And while you could attend traffic school to remove one point, you can only do so once every 18 months.


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