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Spotlight: Popular Speeding Tickets



In California the cost of living is considered higher than most other cities so getting a traffic ticket can really put a huge dent in your ordinary budget. Speeding is one of the top traffic tickets you might receive on California roadways for a number of reasons like trying to overcome traffic delays, especially in Los Angeles which is notorious in this area despite the recent lockdown. As we have written about in previous articles, the pandemic didn’t appear to slow the L.A. drivers any and there was actually a surge in traffic violations for those that choose to speed regardless of the obvious dangers in doing so. This article focuses on the three most popular types of speeding tickets you might receive on California roadways.


Here are the most popular speeding ticket violations:

  • VC 22350 – unsafe speed for prevailing conditions (no specific number, just based on the facts of the situation)
  • VC 22349(a) – exceeding 65 mph
  • VC 22348(b) – exceeding 100 mph

While most speeding violation fines are pretty standard there are exceptions for speeding in construction zones which are higher.

Here is a chart for base fines plus penalty assessment (which is a state tax multiplier of usually 5 times that amount)

Speeding over 100 mph citations, under VC 22348(b), the cost is:

Since a speeding ticket is a moving violation, one point will be placed on your DMV record if convicted of a speeding ticket violation which is why most drivers choose to attend traffic school. However you will still be responsible for paying the citation fines and assessment fees, as well as the traffic school enrollment cost.

If you should find yourself a recipient of a moving violation, especially speeding, please don’t hesitate to call us at Ticket Dismissers. We have a 97% success rate at getting your citation dismissed while saving you both time and money. We’re here for you!

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