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Spotlight: Parking Tickets Resume in Los Angeles



Ticketing in the city of Los Angeles resumed on October 15, 2020, after a hiatus due to the current pandemic. Ticketing was suspended to make life a little easier for residents to stay at home and work without accumulating citations.

While Los Angeles County has 88 cities and each has their own parking rules, the county’s rules will only be important to you if you live in an unincorporated area which actually makes up more than 65% of the county. Some are more rural locations while others are more populated and tend to be found in the unincorporated areas.

Also good to know is that parking enforcement for the unincorporated areas is not supervised under the L.A. Department of Transportation but rather the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. When state and local officials declared stay-at-home orders in response to the pandemic, the Sheriff’s department ceased the majority of its parking enforcement in Spring of 2020. However, as of April 1st, all parking violations in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County has resumed.


Here are some of the cities affected:

  • Altadena
  • East Los Angeles (including Belvedere Gardens, City Terrace and Eastmont)
  • Ladera Heights
  • Valencia
  • Baldwin Hills


Here are some of the tickets to look out for:

  • Staying too long in a time-limited zone
  • Parking without a permit in permit zones
  • Letting your meter expire
  • Having expired registration
  • Street sweeping

The County states that towing will also resume, with red tag warnings for those vehicles parked illegally.

“Red tag warnings will be issued to vehicles parked within the public right-of-way not displaying signs of movement, such as excessive dirt, spider webs, and debris underneath and around the tires, flat tires, missing parts, and vandalism.”

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