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Spotlight: Holiday Traffic Tips



While holiday traffic can be unbearable in such traffic hotspots as Los Angeles, don’t become a Grinch this season and refresh your thoughts with these calming tips for driving during holiday traffic.


To avoid those red and blue lights you don’t want to see behind you this season, try any one of these thoughtful tips that can help build-in ways of time-saving, too.

  • Practice Defensive Driving obey all the traffic laws while keeping your eyes on the road and on other drivers, to be cautious in avoiding a collision from distracted driving in holiday traffic.
  • Plan Several Routesbe sure to plan several routes for each location so that if you encounter any holiday traffic jams you can take an alternate route and avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic.
  • Avoid Distractionsa good practice all year and especially good to be in practice of during the holidays. Pay more attention to the roadways and what’s happening in traffic rather than those distracting colored lights and flashing advertisements fighting for your attention.
  • Child Friendly Activities be thoughtful of your smaller sized passengers and provide toys or child-friendly games to entertain them while traveling in the holiday traffic.
  • Allow Extra Timeanother good practice throughout the year and where time management is a factor, because its always better to arrive early than to arrive frustrated and rushed, especially for those peak holidays events.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle because the last place you want to spend any time during the holidays is stranded on the side of the highway so be sure to check your vehicle’s maintenance record and be on top of things this winter.


Have a super safe and happy holiday season from all of us at Ticket Dismissers!

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