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Spotlight On Defensive Driving



Do you have the skills it takes to defend yourself against drunk drivers, aggressive drivers, or bad weather and roadway conditions? Whether you consider yourself a seasoned driver or just vulnerable to some of the above-mentioned situations, when it comes to your safety its a good idea to be aware of these key factors on the road.


Safe Driving Skills:

  1. Eyes on the road – and keep them moving!
  2. Plan ahead for the unexpected
  3. Control your speed
  4. Be prepared to react to other drivers
  5. Don’t anticipate drivers will do what you think they should
  6. Respect other drivers on the road
  7. Be aware of weather and road conditions – slow down!
  8. Be alert and avoid distractions


In conclusion, here are some defensive driving strategies to keep you and your passengers safe out there…

  • Firstly, never assume other drivers are sober, well-rested and alert, or even that they follow the signs and rules of the road!
  • Always prepare yourself for the mistakes of others. And don’t assume you know the intentions of other drivers.
  • Always yield at intersections, remain in one lane until you need to move away from the flow of traffic, and then do so with caution…make sure other drivers can see you.
  • Lastly, choose defensive over offensive driving…take caution and be safe on the road rather than making a point of being right.

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