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What is a Red Light Ticket?

Red light tickets are the second most common traffic infractions in California. The system in this state is particularly hard, but you can always fight a red light & red light camera ticket.

And in many cases you can get rid of that red light ticket by disputing it with a traffic ticket attorney. It will mean going to court. However, it’s worth it.

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Are Red Light Tickets the Same throughout California?

A red light ticket, and its consequences, will vary depending on where you are in the state. Counties can set their own penalties, and some counties even have penalties that exceed state fines.

You need to monitor the rules for each county, which is why you should hire an attorney.

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Can Red Light Tickets Make Me Lose my License?

They can. If you accumulate four points in a year, for example, your license can be suspended.

The number of points and how long they last for depends on the offense. For example, in California a moving violation will give you one point. Reckless driving comes with two points.


What’s the Best Way to Deal with a Red Light Ticket?

After the officer gives you your ticket and departs, you should seek out legal help to aid you in fighting your ticket. You may be able to go to traffic school to have both the fine and the points removed. Sometimes an attorney can get the speeding ticket rescinded entirely especially if it is a red light camera ticket and it is not you in the picture so it is always good to call an attorney before paying any ticket.

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