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Red Light Ticket FAQ

Getting a red light ticket can leave you feeling like you don’t know what to do next.

An experienced traffic ticket attorney in California can help you with that.

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What should I do during the traffic stop?
The first thing you should do in a traffic stop is remain calm. It can hurt your ability to fight your red light ticket if you get angry with the officer or act in a negative fashion. If the ticket is a red light camera ticket be calm don’t panic after seeing the flash from the camera off it wouldn’t be a better day by causing an accident after receiving a red light ticket.
What should I do after the traffic stop?

The first step should always be to contact a professional traffic ticket lawyer. They will be able to advise you on what your options are and how you should proceed.

They will also make the process stress free, so it’s always worth hiring one for that reason alone.

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Is it worth fighting my traffic ticket?
It’s always worth fighting a traffic ticket. Many counties in California have received authorization to set their traffic ticket fines higher than the state level. A red light or red light camera ticket could leave you with a ticket valued at a $490.

Furthermore, if you accept the ticket you risk getting your license suspended. Four points in a single year is enough for you to lose your license in California.

Also, if you just pay your traffic ticket you will increase your insurance rates with that one point. On average one point can increase your insurance rate 20-30% for 3 years.

How do fines work in California?
Fines work slightly differently in California than other states. Counties are able to set their own penalties. It’s not controlled by the state government.

We also previously mentioned that some counties have received permission to elevate speeding fines above the state level. This means that red light tickets can be extremely expensive in California.

How many points will I receive?

It depends on the violation. Red light tickets are infraction moving violations which carries one point. Most misdemeanor charges and over 100 MPH tickets carries 2 points on your driving record

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Can an attorney really get my speeding ticket rescinded?
They can.

For example, if the issuing officer stopped you unlawfully or they made a mistake during the process that’s enough to get the red light ticket removed. Also if the red light ticket is camera ticket and it is not you an attorney can fight the ticket for you without incriminating the person in the picture.

An attorney may also be able to persuade a judge to allow you to attend traffic school or reduce the infraction to a non-moving violation as an alternative. This way you won’t get any points and you’ll be able to avoid the fine.

Do I need to go to court?

Red light tickets are so common that there are procedures in place to deal with them via mail. You usually don’t have to attend court.

But if you want to contest a charge, the chances are you will have no choice but to go to court. With an experienced attorney this is not a problem as they will guide you through the process.

This is another reason why you should always hire a lawyer, even though the courts do technically allow you to represent yourself.

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